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Executive Director Kazutoyo Kawazure
Managing Director Masachika Eto
Managing Director Yuichi Amemiya
Director Masahiro Nakatani (Prof. Tonton)
Director Atsushi Kobayashi
Director Junji Matsumoto
Director Hidekazu Amai

Currently, in Japan’s e-commerce sector, training staff for for areas such as internet shopping malls, net shops, designers, creators, photography, accepting orders, picking, and delivery has become an urgent task due to its rapid growth. However, there is an overwhelming shortage of personnel to train staff.

Even when e-commerce is done as an enterprise, the number of talented people with expert knowledge of all of the associated duties are extremely few in number at present, and when e-commerce is done internally, it has become difficult to hire managerial class and store manager class employees right away.

Managers of well-known net shops or EC consultants for malls are extremely busy, so while they are capable of giving lectures or seminars on certain areas, conditions are extremely severe when it comes to comprehensive training.
E-commerce itself is expected to continue to grow going forward. For this reason, we are building an association to develop EC consultants in order to train the staff that support e-commerce, which will allow them to learn systematically not only the consulting business, but also the know-how required for EC management.

In the current circumstances, the majority of superior EC consultants are working as individuals even now, but there is a need for organization to enable the development of excellent EC consultants, and a duty to share EC know-how with ever more people has arisen.

JECCICA works to protect the retail sector and contribute to the growth of Japan’s economy through the expansion of e-commerce in Japan.

Kazutoyo Kawazure

JJECCICA Executive Director/Lecturer Kazutoyo Kawazure

E-commerce areas of expertise: systems development, security, omni-channel
CEO of Forcetar Corporation. Systems development and security specialist exceeding ¥170 billion yearly system distribution. Conducts omni-channel service strategy and cross-border e-commerce in the US, EU, and Asia. Countless courses, seminars, and in-house trainings.

Product planning for highly successful low-repulsion pillow. Rakuten SOY award-winner and founder of SAVAWAY. Annual system distribution over ¥150 billion; published online service book; shop manager; game development. Numerous lectures and columns.

Masachika Eto

JECCICA Managing Director/Lecturer Masachika Eto

E-commerce areas of expertise: e-commerce management, business planning and merchandising, sales strategy
Became involved in e-commerce management in 1999, reaching monthly sales of ¥45 million in 2001. Sales of ¥1.7 billion by shops under guidance in 2002. 3rd place SOY overall 1999 – 2001. Provided support to over 1,000 shops and has columns in newspapers and magazines as well as 4 books.

Yuichi Amemiya

JECCICA Managing Director/Lecturer Yuichi Amemiya

E-commerce areas of expertise: large-scale e-commerce operations, e-commerce business M&A
Executive partner of Fosence Partners, certified public account. 20 years of consulting experience, well-versed in retail business management reform and M&A. Also operated e-commerce business as former HMV Japan president.

Masahiro Nakatani

JECCICA Director/Special Lecturer Masahiro Nakatani (Prof. Tonton)

E-commerce areas of expertise: unique domains, tactical marketing with sales promotions
Involved in establishing online shops for over 200 companies, turning out numerous thriving shops. Receives never ending stream of client requests via word of mouth for guidance on development and management of sales promotions based on well-reasoned analytical methods.

Atsushi Kobayashi

JECCICA Director/Special Lecturer Atsushi Kobayashi

E-commerce areas of expertise: regional e-commerce management, comprehensive strategy-building support
Specializes in practical advice prioritizing local conditions and emphasizing a management strategy perspective, leveraging his marketing know-how and experience cultivated managing e-commerce businesses setting up regional locations and overseas business divisions.

Junji Matsumoto

JECCICA Director/Special Lecturer Junji Matsumoto

E-commerce areas of expertise: apparel e-commerce site operation/development
Holds experience operating numerous e-commerce sites as well as starting the ladies’ apparel brand GRL, growing yearly sales to ¥3 billion in 4 years. Guides many clients to success in his e-commerce consulting work.

Hidekazu Amai

JECCICA Director/Special Lecturer Hidekazu Amai

Established Infomarks Corporation in 2002 and served as CEO, providing marketing support and system-building for large-scale e-commerce sites. Conducts business strategy consulting and operational improvement for a multitude of online retailers, from startups to major sites exceeding ¥10 billion in yearly sales. Also well-versed in online retail markets of many foreign countries.

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